Summary:  If it’s a much better vision than world peace, then the sooner people learn about it and embrace it, the sooner it will help humanity. So, this page is in tho parts: How to use the words properly, and how to promote the Ai Sakai concept.

How to Use the Words “Ai Sakai” and “Sakai” Properly

First, remember to do this in a positive, kind state of mind. Remember that you are spreading some good news: Humanity can have a much more realistic, doable and humanity-affirming goal than world peace.

“Ai” sounds like “eye.” Sakai is a short a at in the first syllable, and then the eye sound in the second. Since the Ai Sakai is an alternative goal to world peace, you use it most often instead of world peace. Since the Ai Sakai is a desired state, like world peace, it’s something we’re aiming at.  But unlike world peace which is technically impossible, the Ai Sakai is a goal that could actually be attained in this century — but it won’t be easy!

Next, here is a shortcut. ‘Ai Sakai’ sounds good and it rhymes. But sometimes it will just feel too long. The shorter version is to just say “sakai”  since by a happy coincidence, Sakai has ‘ai’ in it.   (Sakai)

Here’s how you can use these words in a sentence. “The Ai Sakai is a better goal that world peace.”  or “The Sakai is a better goal than world peace.”  Note that when people are talking about inner peace or spiritual peace, we don’t use the words Ai Sakai or Sakai, since the new words really refer to those three goals and world peace, not inner peace. Here are a few more sentences: “Humanity will probably never attain world peace since it’s too perfect a goal, but it may reach the Ai Sakai, maybe even in 50 years or less!”  “Let’s see how many Sakai goals we can reach this year.”  “You can participate in the Ai Sakai by improving your life or by helping a charity that addresses one or more of the Sakai goals.”

You can the words “Ai Sakai” when you want to emphasize the majesty and beauty of the goal. You can use “The Sakai” or “Sakai” when you want to be more informal and speedy. It may happen that ‘sakai’ becomes a preferred substitute for ‘peace’ if enough people grasp that it’s a much more reasonable goal:


How to Promote the Vision

This is in two sections, easy things that most do, and some cooler things that take more effort.


1.  On the home page, subscribe to our posts for updates.

2.  Take the lead in using the words sakai and ai sakai when you’re with people who have been introduced to the concept.

3.  Insert a short explanation of the Ai Sakai in your holiday cards, e-cards, or end-of-year letters.

4.  If you want, when people make the peace sign and say peace, make the sakai sign.  Make the peace sign and move your hand in a clockwise arc from their point of view, about 45 degrees.  (See our 15 second video) and say “Sakai.”  Then when they ask, you can give a brief explanation and refer them to this site.

5.  Make a small $3-$5 donation to fund our work. We will need to do serious research to get statistics each year on the major forms of suffering and also the major forms of harm done to our life-support systems.


Other cool things to do

1. Create art or music, or invite artists to create art around the Ai Sakai concept. Put it on a video and upload it!

2.  Help organize an “anti-peace” march in your city or town! Promote it to activists as a way to reboot the peace movement on a more practical level.




4. Help spread the new vision — No Comments

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