Summary: Having the more realistic goal of the Ai Sakai will produce significant optimism only if there are methods that make it possible. Below, we briefly describe six new methods developed by Group Genie, the nonprofit organization that created the Ai Sakai. You can find links to full descriptions of the following ideas here.

Superprograms are a whole new category of educational structures that boosts life-learning and goal-attainment. (The  “Life Tools” section at GroupGenie.Org contains an actual ready-to use superprogram.)

Helper’s Helper is a program to help charities and their helpers increase money and time by half a trillion dollars a year.

Wide Wealth gives people a much broader understanding of the 40-plus kinds of wealth they already possess.

The Golden Rule 2.0 is an upgraded understanding of fairness, and how much action is enough to sustain human civilization.

Supergoodness is a better definition for goodness and what it means to be a good person. We believe that people who accept this definition and apply it to their own lives will do more good and a higher quality of good.

Proof Through the Night is a set of over 40 strategies designed to produce an informed, critically thinking and active American electorate in a decade. (Many of the strategies can be applied to other democracies.)

Most of these upgrades include an ongoing structure. This allows the solution to be permanent, growing and evolving.


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